Point of Sale (POS)

A point of sale or purchase where payment is the specific point in time when the financial transaction done through the POS system. POS describe place where transaction of sale/purchase are made at place where customer execute the process of payment for goods and services. System can also manage basic retails transaction and tracking of sales data, handle cash register, data collection from the daily sale and purchase and many more features that save time and money of business.

Why POS?

POS system save time and money for every small or enterprise businesses. POS system is easy to operate for user and also tracking sale and inventory reports, daily collections, number of transaction made and many more.

With the help of POS System check-in and check-out process of sale become faster because of automated calculation of sale. It also provide real time data of sales, inventory, budget that can help to manage budget and inventory for stock.

POS System is easy to use and operate, It doesn't require any professional training. With the real-time tracking report of finance, Inventory, Sales which save time and money for small as well as enterprise business.   


Easy to Use

Time Saving





Strength of POS

Ease of Use: It is easy to use and operate for the users, which hardly take little bit time to learn for operate. It doesn't require professional training.

Real Time Data: POS system provide relate time data like sales, Inventory, collection, number of transaction and many more which saves time and money of business.

Employee Management:  POS system will provides employee management features to manage employee information, duration of work, how much sale done through the system and collection with daily reports.

Why Choose Jupical?

Quality Development


Practical Solution

Future POS Development


Our Rich Point of Sale Services


Jupical expert team member can customisation of POS system like modification of layout, payment system, employee management, inventory,sales, purchase and other  features related to POS.


Our professional experts of POS manage integration between hardware and software which helps business process, which can improve faster check-out, real time reporting with great customer experience.


Development of POS features from the beginning with business requirement. Also provide service like connection with hardware and make transaction process easier. 

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