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ODOO, an open ERP that comes with a full suite of business solutions in just one software that includes Human Resource, CRM, Project Management, Inventory, Warehouse and many more extends its efficacy with third-party integration.  Odoo Integration  enables your business to bring everything in a single window; this, in turn, reduces manpower cost and increases business’s productivity.

Jupical Technology Pvt Ltd  uses API library, SDK and web services to integrate Odoo with third-party applications. It will help to connect the existing system to avail more data and input to well established set up which will be value-added service. Once your system is under odoo integration, we assure the best possible outcomes under a single roof. Your business need not leap here and there to manage ample no of applications and things would be done with ease and comfort with our  odoo integration services .

We have integrated odoo with third-party software that includes:

Biometric Integration:

Integrate with odoo, this enables to perform various HR tasks like marking staff attendance, fetching in and out the time of the employees and much more. Certainly, there are various benefits of these as an; data cannot be manipulated, no proxy attendance could be marked and reduces payroll error too.

IoT Integration:

IoT Integration would remove human interference and make devices work independently. It collects and exchanges flawless data with sensors.

Payment Gateway Integration:

We configure gateways that allow your customers to make payment in their currency. Also, it comes with various options where a customer could find their payment safe and reliable.

Social Media Integration:

This integration would grab data from social media sites and add into your address book so as to convert your prospects into customers. It helps in promoting your business and let you know the number of viewers, participants and other prospects.

E-Commerce Integration:

Connect your e-commerce business with odoo that manages all types of data – order, inventory, item, customer, shipping/tracking, etc to operate more efficiently. This automation reduces manual errors, streamline inventory synchronization, notify customers for their orders and allow them to track the same with other features that make your business transparent and uncomplicated.

Github Integration:

Finely tune your process with Github Repositories that allows to update various tools and open your ways to work better.

Cloud Integration:

To unify your information components at one place say it be data or application, cloud integration with odoo is the best option. Your business would get comprehensive access and visibility that improves functional connectivity.

VoIP Integration:

Customizable telecommunication and multimedia solutions are possible with VoIP Integration that enables high-quality voice calls over the internet.

Logistic Integration:

Let your business functions in a smooth line from procurement to storage by adopting logistics integration.

We have integrated odoo with third-party software that includes:

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